We are sure of that. Professional peoples in alkaline ionizer in UK, USA for 20 years, they had chosen BIOCERA natural alkaline, antioxidant water filters. Nowadays they and many other countries want to be BIOCERA partners eagerly.
Electric ionizers are already existed. But natural alkaline waters are new. Therefore until now it begins a new item. But already some copy makers came out. BIOCERA has been doing business since 1994 in nano technologies – sterilizing, vitalizing water and clean air pollution. BIOCERA nano silver antibacterial, nano photo-catalyst and alkaline filters are passed FDA in USA and registered FDA. And moreover BIOCERA alkaline water purifier has been certified from KFDA as a medical device. Even more BIOCERA alkaline, antioxidant ceramic ball media were passed NSF the first in the world.


BIOCERA alkaline water molecules are smaller than normal water (BIOCERA NMR : under 51, Energy water/R/O water/Tap water NMR : 120-150), therefore absorption to the capillary is very fast and this improves the blood flow speed. By reason of that some people can feel warm on the special parts. But several days later they can not feel warm any more.
BIOCERA alkaline water has more minerals than normal water, therefore our intestine has to work more to absorb the minerals, therefore some people can experience the constipation for some days, but several days later there is no more constipation and even no more diarrhea.
(To overcome the constipation, we have to take CleansUp or Immuna with Biocera Anti-oxidant Alkaline water.)
BIOCERA alkaline water improves the perfect digestion like full combustion of car oils. All kind of foods are c,h,o & n ingredients. When perfect digestion produces energy calolis and co2,h2o,and nh3 gas. Therefore , “fart “ means well digestion.
Normally, if we eat some foods, it is very difficult to digest perfectly like combustion of car oil, so it produces some acid wastes, and it is urine, excrete and acid perspirations on skins. But if we eat alkaline foods or BIOCERA alkaline waters a lots then oiliness-acid- skins reduced.
Absolutely good for obesity or oily skins. BIOCERA alkaline water improves the absorption of mineral, nutrient for thin people, therefore good for thin peoples.