1. Open it.
  2. Fill up with clean purified water.
  3. Then close the container.
  4. And spray at a certain distance.
As the Ion Spray is mounted with silver foam that maximizes the silver surface area 6,000 times, silver is abundantly released and it is changed into water which is good for skin. Indeed, the moisturizing effect is excellent as the Biocera TO Ball makes the water ingredient Activate ionizing. Ion Spray is a colloid silver water manufacturing device that is possible to use any time any place. Colloidal silver or silver ion water is natural antibiotics certified by the US NSF and FDA to have no side effects to the human body at all.
  • Soothes dry troubled skin with hydration.
  • Protects the skin from activated oxygen.
  • Ionized water provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Lightly spray onto skin before or after wearing makeup.
  • Particularly in case of yellow dust or ultra-fine dust, it blocks the absorption of toxic substances into the skin.
  • After taking a bath, spray on the desired area for exfoliation and hydrating effect.
  • Spray onto dry or oily skin, whenever needed.




Biocera TO Ball

It makes the water ingredient change into weak alkali water that gives superior moisturizing effect to skin.

What is the Effect of Biocera TO Ball?
When the Biocera TO ball is in contact with moisture, it is instantaneously discharged, and water is electrolyzed and water molecule (H2O) is separated into hydrogen ion (H) and hydroxide ion (OH). Separated hydrogen ion (H) is pulled by (-) electrode and neutralized combined with electron released from and evaporated into hydrogen gas (H2) and subsequently continues to make water alkalize ionize.

Silver Foam
By maximizing the silver surface area 6,000 times, abundant silver is released.

What is the Effect of Silver?
For the ‘silver solution’, thousands of contents and cure cases have been posted on the Internet so far in the name of 『A Cure-all』, 『Mysterious great medicine that cures AIDS』 and etc. It has also been allowed by the US FDA to be sold as a medicine. ‘Silver’ is one of the most general-purpose antibiotic substances. In case that it was prescribed by the form of silver solution, it is obviously said to be cure-all-oriented and nonpoisonous. Silver solution is said to have proven of its extraordinary effect on germ disease cure of over 650 kinds.

Furthermore, it is comprised of Quartz crystal ingredient that has semi-conductive vibratility and various minerals. The component, Biocera ceramic ball, was first ceramic ball to be certified by the NSF (USA). It makes one feel good when sprayed since it makes water molecule soft for it absorbs energy at high temperature and thus infrared wave length energy is abundant.